We are pleased to offer contract printing services at the studio.

Artists are able to send plates and ink colors to the studio for the OG staff to print on an hourly or per piece basis.  Paper can be provided by the artist or through OG for an additional fee. There are also photographic services which will be billed on an hourly basis.

We also offer weekly or daily collaborative printing sessions where an artist can hire the master printer (and possibly some staff members) to work with them as in a print project, and create a body of work. At the conclusion of the session, OG will often consign some or all of the prints that were created for inclusion on the website and sales. Dates for printing weeks are usually arranged well in advance, and Sue Oehme will set-up a preparatory phone consultation with the artist approximately a month in advance of the session.

These artist sessions can also include platemaking with copper, steel, solar or collagraph plates and color proofing.

Please call us for pricing options.