A glance, a stare, a lyric, a person, a past experience, a book, a dream. Time is limited, thoughts are not. Singular and collective inspirations transformed into art, pure or imaginary. That is how an image, a sketch, a painting, a collage becomes a reality for me.

At times it feels as if thoughts have a mind of their own. Sometimes they remain dormant, waiting to collectively contribute to the artistic endeavor. Other times they are impatient and cannot wait for that precise moment to take a ride on a brush, pen, pencil or crayon.

My enjoyment is in the process of thought becoming concrete, dimensional. I see what I feel and that overpowers the sense of feeling what I see. An inward expression that becomes visual. For me, more often than not, the more the toil the greater the reward. That is art. It shakes my senses.

I am an orthopedic surgeon, yet while growing up, drawing, cameras and creating images was part of my pastime. In the 1970’s, my orthopedic professor, an accomplished photographer, mentored me in the art of image capture and darkroom techniques. I learned to use and develop diverse films and photographic papers, apply filters, vary chemical processing or layer images as a few of the methods to achieve an artistic image. From there I continued with a self-taught creative journey. Inspiration also comes from choosing workshops and one on one instruction with accomplished artists. Just as medicine evolves, so does the artistic process. Each work of art is meant to evoke an emotional response, unique to the individual observer.