Susan Hambleton January 2011

Susan Hambleton came to Steamboat from New York with a collection of collage pieces that she gathered from the New York Public Library. First, she created watercolor monotypes and then layered her collage pieces over them in thoughtful and provocative orientations. These series are entitled Water Babies, T. Grasses, Sojourner, and If I Could Tell You. They vary in size from 10'' x 8'' to 25'' x 17'' and are priced from $350-$800.  During the project we revisited some unfinished oil monotypes that Susan had worked on in Brooklyn years ago with printer John Micoff. They were perfect starting points for Susan's new collages; she precisely positioned the acetate images on top of the prints and then they were torn down to unique sizes, completely altering their original form. It was satisfying to be able to use these images from the past, and to see the work come full circle. This series is titled More Than You Know, meaures 23 1/2'' x 22 1/4'' on Stonehenge cream paper, each priced at $1200.

Jeffrey Keith December 2010

Jeffrey Keith was the first artist to work and stay at Oehme Graphics this winter. He used thickly applied watercolor and oil based printing ink to create 86 monotypes and monoprints entitled Swing Set and V Series from 11 x 11 inches up to 22 x 33 inches, with most of the individual pieces at 18 x 18 inches, and ranging in price from $450-$1600. He also made an edition print for our first annual Stairway to Heaven portfolio. Jeffrey's pieces vary greatly in mood and color, yet the cohesiveness that he expresses through his mark-making language makes for a compelling body of work.

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