Patsy Krebs, May and June 2011

Patsy completed a total of 22 edition prints ranging in size from 13'' x 13'' to  25 1/2'' x 19'', utilizing our wonderful new aquatint box. Ms. Krebs has created two beautiful portfolio series entitled "since brass," (inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet 65) containing 7 prints, and Redwing, with a total of 9 prints, all measuring 13'' x 13''. All are available individually at the pre-publication price of $500, or as a set at the pre-publication price of $3300. The portfolio suites will contain letterpress text pages, and be presented in handmade cloth-bound boxes, designed by the artist and crafted by John DeMerritt. The printing and text will be completed in the fall.
Patsy Krebs also designed a group of four mesmerizing larger-scale aquatint etchings, all Untitled, measuring 25 1/2'' x 19'' and priced at $1200 pre-publication, which will be printed in editions of 12.

Melissa Meyer, May 2011

Melissa Meyer came to Oehme Graphics this spring and made a series of 66 monotypes as well as an edition print for our Stairway to Heaven series. She used watercolor painted on vellum sheets to create her abstract, calligraphic pieces. Senso is the title for her prints ranging in size from 18 1/2'' x 25'' to 31 1/2'' x 26'' and in price from $1500-$2200. She also made a large series entitled Copper Ridge which are 39'' x 26 1/2'' and $2800 each. Every piece makes a strong individual emotive statement, which changes and deepens when paired with other pieces in the collection.

Ken Buhler, March-April 2011

Ken Buhler from Brooklyn, NY came to Oehme Graphics in March where we worked intensely for two weeks formulating a series of seven copper and solar plate prints and a series of forty-one monoprints, all entitled Notes From the Edge of the World. All prints are 23'' x 18'' , the monoprints priced at $1100 and the etchings at $900. The suite of seven etchings will also be available as a boxed portfolio with letterpress text pages for $5800. Ken's use of rubber stamps, stencils and his beautifully delicate drawing style are the building blocks of his intricate and otherworldly artwork.


Jason Rohlf, January-February 2011

Jason Rohlf's project began with the arrival of his collagraph plates from Brooklyn, NY, that he had made using gel medium and thick cut pieces of paper. These plates were the starting point for monoprints he made throughout the next two weeks entitled Field Guide Print Project, abbreviated as FGPP. Jason made a series of thirty 24'' x 18'' monoprints at $800, a series of thirteen 47 1/2'' x 24'' prints made from a carved komatex plate at $2500, a group of 30 1/2'' x 24'' monoprints at $1600 using solar plates and varying in color, and finally two black and white solar plate editions at $1200. Some parts of Jason's pieces have a three dimensional quality, and look as though sections are bursting off the paper, while other areas seem to continue back infinitely into space. This spacial tension, along with the addition of Jason's serene color choices make it difficult to stop gazing at his energizing prints.

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