Farrell Brickhouse, August 2011

This August Farrell Brickhouse came to Steamboat to round out the 2011 projects for OG. He completed a total of fifty eight unpredictable and lovely monotypes ranging in size from 8 3/4'' x 7 1/2'' - 22 1/4'' x 12 3/4'' and in price from $500-$2000. He also completed two collections of six prints each of solar and copper plate etchings entitled Doubt of Columbus, one using color inks at $600 each and the other using only black ink at $500 each. He was inspired by photos of his relatives on the shores of Montauk Bay in the early 1900's and from his days as a fisherman off the coast of New York in the sixties. The editions will be available as sets of six in handmade portfolios or individually.

Paul Mutimear, July 2011

Paul Mutimear joined us for the second week for a mini project--Paul photographs moth's in flight at night and is able to capture in nature what is impossible to see with the naked eye. The prints alter one's perspective of motion while enabling one to see into a different realm. Paul converted his ditigal work into a complilation of four solar plate etchings at 16 1/4'' x 13 3/4'' entitled Mothman, Ready, Bandit and U-Turn, at $500 each, as well as a digital photograph print for the Stairway to Heaven series.

Katherine Bowling, July 2011

Katherine came to OG this July and created thirteen monotypes entitled Snowman I-X, Grass I and II, and Home ranging in size from 20 3/4'' x 4 1/2''-31'' x 25'' using watercolor and waterbased printing inks on vellum and matboard. She also produced four beautiful, rich winter-themed aquatint and spitbite etchings called Winter I-V, and one lovely forest scene titled Cabin, all 23 3/4'' x 25'' and $1700 each. She also created a solar plate print with chine colle for our Stairway to Heaven series entilted My Father's Ashtray.

Louise Fishman, June 2011

Louise conjured up a total of 185 monotypes: individual monotypes for sale are entitled Homage to the Mountains, and range in size from a tiny 5'' x 3 5/8'' to 27 3/4'' x 20 1/4'' and cost from $500 to $2500. There are six jewel-like monotype sets ( 9'' x 13'') titled Tout Suite Set available in a handmade portfolio folders priced at $3600. She also created a series of 5 black and white aquatint etchings, titled Tout Suite 1-5, all 12'' x 16'' or 16'' 12'', that will be sold individually for $500 and $2200 for the set. Lastly, Louise painted three larger edition carborundum aquatints, also titled Tout Suite 7-9 sized at 18'' x 24'' and $1800 each, and one color carborundum aquatint edition print, Tout Suite 10, (18'' x 24'') at $2000.

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