John Walker, May and June 2012

Before John's arrival, we made solar plates of a selection of his famed Beano cards. (A few years ago John discovered piles of Beano cards in his studio left over from the prohibition era that he made into beautiful little paintings. The name was changed from "Bingo" to "Beano" because the game Bingo had been an outlawed as a form of gambling. A simple name change for the game created a loop hole in the law.) Using the solar plate Beano cards, John created thirty five intimate monoprints titled Pearl Lake #1-35, sized 16 x 13 inches and $2500 each. The process of printmaking allowed John to play with scale and color in terms of the Beano card background. He also completed a series of larger Beano monoprints titled Colorado Cross #1-#7, size 27 1/2'' x 22'' and priced at $6500 each.

Kayla Mohammadi, May and June 2012

Kayla created a total of fourteen watercolor monotypes, all with various titles, size ranging from 13 1/2'' x 15 7/8'' to 25'' x 32 1/2'' and priced at $800-$1200. She also composed a solar plate etching and carborundum aquatint is titled Persian Miniature, size 20'' x 15 7/8'' and $1100 each. Kayla's monotypes have an immediate quality to them, however they are beautifully composed--giving her pieces energy yet a sense of balance.

Diane Cionni, February and April 2012

Steamboat resident and artist Diane Cionni came to OG in February for a few days to begin her project that she would later finish in April. Diane took our monotype workshop this past January, so she had an idea of the processes she would use to make her prints before she arrived. Diane likes to use an array of eclectic images she has drawn or painted and collage them into delicate veil-like backgrounds--which she found inspiration for from traveling in India and noting the beautiful abstraction of the peeling walls in the streets. In each of her pieces Diane uses organic and scientific imagery, while also juxtaposing pattern and chaos. Every piece is thoughtfully yet unselfconsciously composed into playful, beautiful scenes. Diane created nine bleed-edge monoprints, entitled Reason and Romance, sized at 20'' x 15 7/8'' and $1200 each. She also created a striking etching in an edition of eight entitled Map of Reason and Romance, 30'' x 42'' and priced at $1500 each.

Julia Fernandez-Pol, April 2012

Julia Fernandez-Pol made thirty-one explosive, bright and wonderful monotypes all with hand painting titled Reef Series 2 #1-#31 ranging in size from 27'' x 24''--45 1/2'' x 29 1/2'' and in price from $1100-1300. She also created a group of seven large, unbelievable monotypes on black Hahnemühle paper, 45 1/2'' x 29 1/2'',  titled Nebular Reef Series #1-#7 priced at $2100, and three on white paper titled Chaos Reef #1-#3 at 28'' x 41'' and $1600 each. Lastly, Julia composed four incredibly sleek and gorgeous etchings titled: #1 Flower and Willow World (Karyūkai), #2 Kabuki Theater, #3 Plum Blossom Dagger, and  #4 Zen Galaxy, all in an edition of 15 for $800 each or $2800 for the group. Every one of Julia's pieces has its own charm and way of demanding attention, calling the viewer to look closer into its macro or microcosmic landscape.

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