David Row, December 2012

New York artist David Row came to OG this December for a ten day project. David arrived with some arrangements of his linear shape drawings with ideas on how to layer his images. We prepared steel plates that Sue thought would be great for his series of etchings. Steel has a good deal of plate tone and an imperfect surface--perfect for utilizing a little unpredictability in the printing process. We also made solar plate etchings and an incredible series of three copper aquatints. In 10 days we made nineteen editions with David!

There are six prints in his series of small steel plate etchings titled All in, Rougette, Inside Bet, Bonus, Odds, and Heat. They are printed on BFK and 17 1/2'' x 20'' and $950 a piece.

David created three large steel plate etchings titled High Roller, Aggregate, and Probability. They are 27''x 32 3/4'' and $2100 each.

David and Sue worked tirelessly together on three aquatint etchings titled Lightrap Yellow, Lightrap Red, and Lightrap Emerald. The prints are based on three glass sculptures of David's shapes. The light and volume that these prints capture is striking. They are printed on 27'' x 32 3/4'' paper and are $2200 each.

David made six solar plate etchings, three have color tone using chine colle and three are printed in black and white. They are titled All or Nothing, Blind Bet, and Hold Em, printed on 27'' x 32 3/4'' BFK paper and are $2000 for the color prints and $1800 for the black and white editions.

Jeffrey Keith, October 2012

Denver based artist Jeffrey Keith came for a week this October for his second project with Oehme Graphics and with Master printer Sue Oehme. Jeffrey created sixty six prints, all monotypes or monoprints. Jeffrey is known for his depth of knowledge and expression of color relationships, and for this project he was inspired by the fall colors in Colorado and walks through the aspens.  Small October #1-#21 is a beautiful and bright series  of 12'' x 12'' prints at $800 each. He put together two larger series entitled October #1-#26 and Five Series #1-#9 at 19'' x 19'' and 24'' x 24'' respectively. Jeffrey also added four prints size 18'' x 18' to his monoprint series entitled V Series by reusing plates from his last project as a layer in his prints. Lastly Jeffrey configured four moving and gorgeous prints entitled X-Three #1-#4.

Eva Bovenzi, August 2012

San Francisco artist Eva Bovenzi came the last week of August for her first project with Oehme Graphics. Eva made two sets of collagraph plates before she arrived that were inspired by a series of her paintings. We used them along with watercolor painted on vellum to create two series of beautifully delicate and wing-like diptych monoprints, one entitled Second Messenger #1-10, and the other Ninth Messenger #1-9. They are 32'' x 39 1/2'' and 29 1/2'' x 35 1/2'' respectively and are priced at $1800 each.  Eva also worked with Sue to design three rich and mysterious aquatint etchings, entitled From Blue #14 and Red #11 size 25 1/2'' x 20'' and $800 a piece.  From Blue #16 is 26 1/2'' x 32'' and $1400. Eva also created a 12'' x 12'' aquatint etching bleed-print for the 2012 Stairway to Heaven series entitled Red #5.

Mia Westerlund Roosen, July and August 2012

Mia completed eighteen monotypes as well as twelve editions. Her monotypes are powerful and elegant--some reminiscent of the human body or oceanic matter, all structural or organic in form. They range in size from 12 1/2'' x 9''--23'' x 28 1/2'' and are priced from $1000-$1900.
Mia composed a series of eight lovely yet unsettling white, yellow, and blue chine colle etchings titled Guantanamo Series depicting fence patterns that hold the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. They are printed on Rives BFK Grey paper sized 9 1/2'' x 12''. The series will be available as a box-set presented in a cloth-bound box with fiberglass encased metal netting fabricated by the artist. Prints are also available individually for $500. Once the edition is printed the prices will be $4400 and $600 respectively.
Mia also produced another group of four gorgeous silk collagraph etchings entitled Buttons and Loops printed on Revere Silk paper and sized 11 3/4'' x 14 1/2''. Their pre-publication price is $600,  $700 once printed.
Continuing on a theme she began on a previous project with Sue, Mia worked on two vibrant and contrasting copper plate etchings titled Count Series #3 and Count Series #4.  They are 18'' x 24 1/2'' and 24 1/2'' x 18 and priced at $1100 each.
Lastly, Mia formulated a pair of  intensely complicated-to-print but beautifully simple in subject matter solar and collagraph plate etchings entitled Mirrored Lines #1 and Mirrored Lines #2. They are 25'' x 30 1/2'' and are priced at $1700 each.

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