Nancy Friese, June 2014

Nancy Friese, a landscape painter based out of Rhode Island, creates emotive and detailed artworks in both watercolor and oil, beautifully synthesizing the seen and felt experience of a place and capturing the light of the moment in each image. She has been on the faculty at Rhode Island School of Design for thirty years and has held the post of head of printmaking. She was invited to Oehme Graphics for a week-long project in June 2014 to collaborate with Master Printer, Sue Oehme. Nancy created four 18 x 24 inch watercolor monotypes of the riverscape in Steamboat, each priced at $1,200.00. She and Sue worked together to translate one of the watercolor monotypes into a 4-plate Solarplate etching, which will be printed in a small edition of twelve, priced at $1,100.00. Nancy came to Steamboat prepared with a soft ground-etched plate and a series of linoleum blocks that also will be editioned. The 6 linoleum blocks became two editions, the first being a gorgeous triptych measuring nearly 60” wide with border, titled Wind and Trees. Sue and Nancy also decided to print 3 of the "tree" blocks on a single sheet, creating a dense and atmospheric print echoing the spirit of the mountains, titled Among the Trees. The triptych is priced at $2,100, and the composite tree print is $800.00. Finally, Nancy completed a dynamic treescape drawing on vellum, which will become an edition of 20 for the Stairway to Heaven series, priced at $500.00.  Nancy’s lively spirit is evident from her prints and paintings, and her tireless work ethic was joy to witness.

Mamiko Ikeda, May 2014

Mamiko Ikeda is an artist, cultural educator, and animator based out of Denver. Mamiko utilized her many artistic interests of calligraphy, animation, felting and music to inspire her work at Oehme in May, 2014. Mamiko began her project with four watercolor monoprints that are 20 1/2" x 16" and priced at $750. She also carved a small 6" x 6" relief block and printed it in black to create a simple and gorgeous investigation of positive and negative space. Sue Oehme decided to print "Baby Stone-age TV" as an edition of 20 for the OG Stairway to Heaven portfolio. Imagining the possibilities of  a large relief print, Sue and Mamiko carved a 3 x 4 foot block. They used intaglio and relief printmaking techniques to create a unique "Stone-age TV" series of ten 31" x 42" monoprints, priced at $2,200 each and printed on Somerset Radiant White paper. The resulting series is colorful, figurative, sophisticated and playful- a product of a true creative spirit.

Homare Ikeda, May 2014

Denver artists, Homare Ikeda and Mamiko Ikeda, visited Oehme Graphics for a week-long project in May of 2014. Homare is one of Denver's leading contemporary, abstract artists, and is represented by William Havu Gallery. He created twenty one unique monoprints ranging in size between 11 1/2" x 11" to 28" x 23" and priced between $800 and $1,700, printed on Arches 88 paper. In each of Homare's watercolor monoprints he used layers, stencils, and ghost plates to thoughtfully explore how shapes and colors relate, grow, and evolve. The results are beautiful compositions of dense expression and imagination. Additionally, Homare created one special edition for Oehme Graphics' bi-annual portfolio publication, the OG Stairway to Heaven. Master Printer Susan Hover Oehme and Homare broke down one of Homare many sketches into six solar plates, inked in eight colors to construct a captivating print.

Melissa Meyer, September 2013

Melissa Meyer returned to Oehme Graphics during our September rains for a very productive three days. Master Printer Susan Hover Oehme found the eye of the storm and just enough time to expose nine large solar plates, prior to her arrival. The 63" x 32 1/2" print is a triptych that uses all nine solar plates, printed in sets of three values of greys and blacks. This is Melissa's largest print since she worked with Robert Blackburn in the 70's. Only one solar plate was effected by the stormy sky and was surprisingly beautiful. Susan creatively printed two light values onto the dense plate tone of the grey and black plate to explore spacial relationships. Entitled Mal Noir I and Mal Noir II, these delicate and intimate prints will be editions of 12 priced at $2,000. After creating many watercolor vellums, Melissa added 13 monotypes to her 2011 Senso series of 26 1/2" x 31", at $2200 each. The watercolor monotypes consist of at least three layers of Melissa's colorful markmaking, printed in multiple layers. The triptych was such a success that we decided to combine the watercolors with the solar plates on 26 1/2" x 56" sheets of paper. For $4,000, The Chief I, The Chief II, and The Chief III, demonstrate how a well wiped solar plate will hold a strong black and soft plate tone over bright colors.

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