BA Bryn Mawr College, PA
MFA State University of New York, Purchase, NY

2012 Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant
2011 Guggenheim Fellowship
2011 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award, NY, NY
2005 American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY, NY
2000 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Award, New York, NY

Selected One Person Shows
Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT May 1 - June 15
Arts & Leisure, a Project Space of Freight & Volume, New York, NY
Adams & Ollman, Katherine Bradford and Sarah Gamble,Portland, OR
Sarah Moody Gallery of Art, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick ME
Steven Harvey Fine Art, New York, NY
Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY
Katherine Bradford
Aucocisco Galleries, Portland ME (also2010, 2008, 2005)
John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY
Samson Projects, Boston, MA
University of Maine Museum, Bangor, ME
Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus, OH
Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
Sarah Bowen Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
ICON Contemporary Art, Brunswick, ME (also 2001,1999,1993)
Canaday Gallery, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, ME
David Beitzel Gallery, New York, NY
Katherine Bradford
Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA
Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, IL
Victoria Munroe Gallery, New York, NY
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Selected Recent Group Shows
Contemporary Responses to Marsden Hartley curated by Jacob Rhodes, Driscoll Babcock Gallery, New
York, NY
WAD, Freight & Volume Gallery, New York, NY
The Guston Influence, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, MA
Back to the Future, Artists Originating out of the Williamsburg scene in the 80's, Life on Mars Gallery,
Brooklyn, NY
20" x 16" curated by Geoff Young, Lehman Morgan Gallery, NY, NY
New Narratives, Ten VanEck Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Long Story Short, curated by Karin Bravin, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Bridge, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA
The Meaning of Life, curated by Sue and Philip Knoll, Geoff Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA
Paper Variables, Gallery at Dieu Donne, New York, NY
Steven Harvey Fine Arts, Leaves, New York, NY
Full House, curated by David Rich, St. Paul MN
Outside In, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Katherine Bradford
Verge, Curated by Mie Osle, Munch Gallery, New York, NY
Chuck Webster, Katherine Bradford, Martin Mazorra, Planthouse Gallery, New York, NY
The Age of Small Things, curated by Chuck Webster New York, NY
Metcalf Gallery, Taylor University, Upland, IN
Sea Smoke, Lewis Gallery, Portland Library, Portland ME
Between Matter and Experience, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Pierogi 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
No Rules, curated by Brian Edmunds, Third Ward Building, Brooklyn,NY
Mixed Tape, cureated by Todd Bienvenu, Bushwick, NY
My Big Fat Painting, curated by Rick Briggs, New York, NY
Play Hard, Terrault Gallery, Baltimore, MD
"Come Together, Surviving Sandy" Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY
Hope Despite the Times, Zieher Smith Gallery, New York, NY
Painting Impossible, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Collection, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
"What I Like About You" curated by Julie Torres, Parallel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Summer Session, Steven Harvey Fine Art, New York, NY
"Dirigo" Maine Women Pioneers, University of Maine Museum, Westbrook, ME
Valentine Project Room, Valentine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"The Triumph of Human Painting" Bull & Ram, Brooklyn, NY
"Chiaroscuro" curated by JJ Manford, Novella Gallery, New York, NY
Sky, Sea, Land Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, MA
Special Blend, curated by Chris Martin, JOURNAL Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
CMCA Honors Award Exhibition, Rockport, ME
4 Guggenheim Fellows, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Katherine Bradford
Brucennial 2012, 159 Bleeker Street
WAVERS, curated by EJ Hauser and Rob Nadeau, 283 47th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Paper Kettle, curated by Elisa Soliven and JJ Manford, Safron, Brooklyn, NY
21 American Painters, Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Samson Projects, Boston, MA
American Academy of Arts and Letters Invitational NY, NY
Narcissus in the Studio, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Idiots Delight, curated by Craig Olson, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Ab/Fig., William Shearburn Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Story, Islip Museum of Art, Islip, NY
Talk Show, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
Sacred and Profane, Portsmouth Museum, NH
Put in on Paper, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
Chunky Monkey, Red Flagg Gallery, New York, NY
Kleinert/James Arts Center, Woodstock, New York
Ambivalent Figuration, Samson Projects, Boston, MA
Worth A Thousand Words, Brattleboro Museum, Brattleboro, VT
It's Gouache, curated by Geoffrey Young, Jeff Bailey Gallery
Shape Shifters: New York Painters, University of North Carolina, Pembroke, NC, traveled
to Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Katherine Bradford
Orpheus Selection, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, Queens, NY
Sea Worthy, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
Everywhichway, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
Sized Up: Large-Scale Paintings, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA,
Searching for Love and Fire, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, FLA
Invitational and Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, American Academy of Art and
Letters, New York, NY
Summer Sustenance, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY
New York's Finest, Canada, New York, NY
The Collections Gallery, Bates College Museum, Lewiston, ME
Norman B. Marin Collection, The University of Maine Museum of Art, Bangor, ME
Portland Museum Biennial, Portland Museum, Portland, ME (also 2003, 2001)
Home, curated by Bruce Brown, D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY traveled to
University New England at Portland, ME
Surrealist Drawings, Exquisite Corpses Today, Bowdoin College Art Museum, Brunswick,
The Lightness of Being, Black & White Gallery, New York, NY
Water, Water, curated by Lilly Wei, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Katherine Bradford
Project Room, Bill Maynes Gallery, New York, NY
In the Spirit of Landscape, Neilson Gallery, Boston, MA
Past Present Future, CMCA, Rockport, ME
Hidden Identity, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY
Wet!, Luise Ross Gallery, New York, NY
Domestic Culture, Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
Made in Brooklyn, curated by Phong Bui, Brooklyn Rail Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Figure: Another Side of Modernism, Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Snug
Harbor, Staten Island, NY
Group Show, Rebecca lbel Gallery, Columbus, OH
Invitational, Tig Fill Gallery, Cork, Ireland
Painting, N3, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
New York Drawers, Gasworks Gallery, London, England
Pierogi Press, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York, NY
Ten from Brooklyn, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA
Current Undercurrent, Working in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, The University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
Katherine Bradford
Modern Prints, Colby College Museum of Art, Colby College, Waterville, ME
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum
Portland Museum, Worcester Museum of Art
Farnsworth Museum, Bates College Museum
Bowdoin College Museum, Smith College Museum
Addison Gallery of American Art

Resident Faculty, Skowhegan School, summer 2009
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, MFA Faculty (1997-2012)
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York, NY (1995 - 2011)

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