Paul is a compulsively creative person who is comfortable in the realms of both science and art. He particularly likes blurring the boundaries between these fields which is illustrated perfectly in his photography of insects in flight which have become his hallmark.

An early background in mechanical engineering somehow veered into a career in rock music as a guitarist, songwriter and recording engineer that led him to relocate from London to New York City. Out of necessity, he developed a parallel career in the field of decorative painting and combined his scientific and artistic skills to design and install wall finishes for major New York architects including Gensler and David Rockwell. That led eventually to a career in color as Benjamin Moore’s most in-demand colorist in New York City which he continues to pursue in tandem with his burgeoning photography career.

His music career resurfaced 4 years ago with the release of his acclaimed solo album “Life and Death (Part 1)” under the pseudonym Paul Britten. Meanwhile, he was becoming enthralled by the possibilities of digital photography as an art form, as quality and affordability of digital cameras converged.

His recent photographs are the direct result of a new­found ability to improvise with a camera. The freedom of unlimited shooting and instant feedback that this new medium provided was breathtaking to him and these photographs started to come quite quickly out of the desire to understand the fleeting trails he observed as moths flew around a light.
The key to this series is the inclusion of time as an extra dimension and enables us to see the delicate symmetry of flight as if peering into another realm. This series is entitled Solid Air, a reference to the iconic album of the same name by the late British guitarist/songwriter Jon Martyn, but could equally be called The Science of Fairies.



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