In the body of work included in the Maze Prints and Drawings Series, I am focusing on the maze as a symbol. Dealing with symbols as metaphors, this body of work was initially inspired by the challenges refugees who arrive in the United States face navigating the bureaucratic system in order to find a safe haven.
This series was also influenced by the death of my father, which occurred around the same time that I began this work.

Working within the structure of the grid/maze though constrictive, is comforting. The repetition and set boundaries allow for subtle variation within the structure. Layering the grids, adds to the complexity, becoming more textured and allowing for subtle differences in color in the etchings. I chose the black and white palette for my drawings and a somber color palette for the 2012 etchings reflecting the mood and tone of this particular time.

My Etchings of 2013 - 2014 are largely inspired by techniques learned, and my overall experience printing at Oehme Graphics in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, although not all of my prints were printed there.


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