My work explores different aspects of both natural and artificial life-the colors, shadows, lines, and textures that I see every day. I like to take photos of that life, but printmaking offers me a more expressive medium by which I can transfer my impressions to paper. I am fascinated by the patterns that I see in dew drops, flowers, refracting light, even rust, decay, and debris. My work reflects these patterns of creation and erosion. Within printmaking, I particularly like monotype because it is a single impression that is not repeatable-the outcome can never be completely controlled or predicted. Within this highly organic process, I enjoy blending the colors, and designing and cutting the stencils that I use to subtract and add to the space. This tension between chaos and control is what makes this medium so challenging, but also so exciting. I love the whole process-some of it planned, but most of it spontaneous.

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